Menuplanting is a platform for agricultural supply, made for helping farmers and buyers collaborate on the building blocks of agriculture- seeds.  Through Menuplanting, buyers can instantly request a crop from a community of hundreds of Provender growers, track their crops progress from seed to sale, and connect with their growers to customize the fields of their local farm communities.

Discover your perfect seeds
The core of menuplanting is a rich and diverse catalogue of seeds- tailor made for North American growers and sourced from the finest local seed suppliers.  Browse this catalogue of diverse, regional foods and choose the crops that best suit your needs.


Request a Planting

Submitting a request to plant is simple and straightforward- pick your seeds, your quantities, and send us your payment information.


Match with the perfect grower

Menuplanting will take your seed selection match you algorithmically with a farmer who’s climate, region, growing practices and price point are best matched for you as a buyer.  


Track your crops progress

We’ll provide you with periodic updates straight from the farm on the progress of your crops, including data about yield, quality, successes and failures.  From a sprout grown in 2 weeks to a pumpkin 3 seasons away, our tracker will let you keep tabs on your crop progress.  


Pre-order and Harvest your menu

The moment our growers give the green thumbs up, we’ll list your product for sale as a pre-order in the Provender marketplace.  When your grower confirms yield and harvest date, we provide you with a comprehensive list of harvests, notes on quality and a link to the purchase on Provender that is exclusive to you until harvest.


Dropped off at your door

Once the purchase is made, your grower will ship the product right to you, either in person or through a foodsafe, accredited transporter.  Happy eating!  

Where we service

We currently offer menuplanting across the east coast, but you can CONTACT US if you'd like to request crops outside of our service zone.  Happy planting!