software is evolving the food system.

There are major cultural crossroads coming in food systems over the next decade.  I work at the intersection of food+tech because I believe technology will help us take the better path.


I am optimistic about the future of food.

I believe that careful stewardship of the transition into software-driven food systems will preserve agrarian traditions and cultures, and help create rural prosperity as well as continuing to create great companies.

I believe that food systems is the single most exciting frontier for technologists, software entrepreneurs and agrarian enthusiasts who want to "dent the universe".

I believe that food systems will change more in the coming 10 years than the previous 30, and that the coming changes represent an unprecedented opportunity for farmers, fishermen and ranchers to embrace technology to improve their lives.

Great innovation arises from an understanding of  context.


I'm inspired by a series of thinkers in this space who have sought to, through writing, define a cultural relationship with food and food systems.

I write about the changing cultural landscape of food.